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Welcome to the CLIL PROJECT BLOG!. What do we know about C.L.I.L.? As the acronym says, CLIL means "Content and Language Integrated Learning", and it is one of the most important, central projects, at Maria Ossó School since its foundation. In our school, we implement the CLIL project by teaching contents in ENGLISH in  SCIENCE (1 session per week from 1st to 6th grade) and in MATHS (one more session per week also from 1st to 6th grade).

All through the CLIL sessions we promote the cooperative learning, we mix class-groups (a different students-grouping) and we work in reduced groups (up to 16 pupils the most in each CLIL group). 

Have a look at some of our experiments, methodology and contents. CLIL Science, CLIL Maths, the sessions in which we all move in ENGLISH!.


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